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We are new to this and we have just got this up and going so please stick with us as we get our information on here. Thanks for checking it out and hope you come back to see what we are up to.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


So I, Adam, made a goal of cycling 1000km before our son us born.  I had big plans to ride extra during this school break but because of punctures, bent axles, other wobbly parts, I have not done too well.  I am just keeping up with my schedule i had set up for myself.  I have currently ridden 581km.  I need to get ahead in the next few weeks, just in case he decides to come early.  So tomorrow i am planning a nice long ride and hoping to get me caught up on some of my kilometers.  Just thought I could let everyone know what is going on with my cycling right now.

Picture is of me and my dad from when my parents visited in Dec/Jan.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Wright Name Lives On!!!

     So if you have not heard, we are expecting another child in July.  We put this out there on our facebook but it wasn't very clear i don't think.  So i thought i need to make this really clear.  We are expecting a baby boy in July.  We are excited that the Wright name will live on for another generation.  Things are good so far.  Baby and Mommy are both healthy.  It is hard for Sammie, she keeps talking through Sara's belly button and says that he is ready to come out.  We are looking forward to this new addition.

Work Permits!!!

     We have had a ton of people praying about our work permits for a long time now.  Thank you all for your prayers first of all.  Words can never describe how thankful we are to have all of you praying for us and with us about serious things in our life and in our ministry here.  Thank you!  
     Our work permits were approved for one more year and then they did add one stipulation to it... it is non-renewable after that year.  So that means that our passports right now are stamped until Nov 30th 2012.  This can seem like a bit of a let down because we have been praying for so long and all to get this answer.  I don't believe that our prayers were not answered or that God is not behind us anymore.  
     After we made the decision of not being a part of the team that we came here with we were really praying for God to make it obvious where he wanted us and what he wanted us doing.  So with our work permits we were praying for God to lead us to where he wants us.  If that is Namibia, then please keep us here.  If that is somewhere else, then take us there.  The only thing we didn't want to happen was for us to get denied.  If you ever get denied a visa then every other time you travel there is a box that you must mark, with no explanation, that you have been denied a visa before.  This makes it harder to get a visa to other places.  
     So right away when we got this paper saying one more year and then no more, we felt disappointed and let down but now we don't feel that way.  I really feel like God has given us both a peace about what he has planned next (even though we don't know what it is just yet).  
     We have an excitement about God's plans for us.  We are excited even though we must go through the whole, move your life, process again.  There is a joy in our hearts that I don't think that we even completely understand yet.  We know that this is part of God's plan for us and we are excited to see what God has in store for us.  So we would love if you would all continue to pray with us as we are following God and seeing where he has to take us.  

The other day in my Bible reading i read this verse and it gave me comfort.  Isaiah 50:10 Who out there fears God, actually listens to the voice of his servant?  for anyone out there who doesn't know where you're going, anyone groping in the dark, Here's what: Trust in God.  Lean on your God!

Thanks God for speaking through your work to give me guidance and comfort.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Christmas/ Wright Parents here!

This year we were privilaged to have one set of our parents here for Christmas.   No matter what time of the year it is, it is so awesome to have our parents here.  We were able to spend a good deal of time with my (Adam's) parents.  It is weird a little bit when people are here that you know from the states because after a while you get used to not seeing all your friends and family from the states (as bad as that sounds).  Sammie was excited to have Grandma and pa here with us for a while.  She had a lot of fun playing with them and also waking them up as they were getting over jet lag.  Hope you enjoy some pictures from Christmas and the time while my parents were here.

Sammie's 2nd Birthday!!!

So i understand that is is really, really, really late but i thought that a lot of you might like to see some pics from Sammie's birthday.  She had a just a small birthday party here at our apartment with everybody swimming and having fun.  All the kids had a lot of fun swimming and eating cake and hanging out and being crazy.  
Sammie, Grace, and Nea swimming in our back yard.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stop #3, Tsumeb

 So by the time we were ready to leave for Tsumeb, Sammie could tell that our car was a bit dirty and thought she should help to clean it up a bit.

The way it always goes when we travel is that we say we want to leave at a certain time and we actually leave about an hour or so after that.  We had a long drive to Tsumeb and little did we know that about 80km of that drive would be all on a rough dirt road.  So that 80km slowed us down a bit and not to mention all of the goats, cows, and donkeys we had to slow down for all the way to Tsumeb.

Our campsite in Tsumeb was awesome but we kinda just stumbled upon it.  We had planned to stay at one place and when we got there the gate was closed and no one was there so we drove to the next closest place.  !Uris Lodge.  (The "!" is a click)  This was probably the coolest place we stayed and the cheapest. As you can see we had a lot of room to ourselves.  There are only 2 campsites at this place but you have your own toilet and shower and all that.  You can see it in the big tree with sticks around it, that is the shower.  It was really cool.

During this whole trip we weren't sure how Sammie would do being in new places and with naps and everything else but she did awesome.  We had a harder time keeping her from running around and getting her to stop playing in the dirt while we are trying to eat.  She had a blast and couldn't be more thankful for a safe trip.

 Now our prayer is that God would lead us in the direction that he has laid out in His plan.  We don't always know what he has in store for us but we really want to just seek Him and see what he has planned.  So please be praying also that God would show us where he would like us to be and what people he would like us to be reaching out to.  Also along with that you can pray for our visa that it could be extended so that we can stay for a longer amount of time because we believe that we aren't finished yet and we would like it if the government would agree with us and let us stay for a while.  Thank you for all the prayers and support that you give us.  We couldn't do this without all of this team.  Thanks

Second Stop, Opuwo

Our Second stop was in Opuwo.  We stayed in Opuwo for two nights.  This stop was very interesting because of the differences in cultures all in one place.  You have the Himba, that still live and dress very traditionally.  On the other hand you have others that live in town that were dressed very modern.  Some of these people are Himba even that have decided to not live or dress traditionally.  It was very odd to see these two put in one place and living together as if nothing were out of place when to us it really looks different.
 It is strange to be in town with shops and all then drive just a few min outside of town and then you see huts and goats and cows everywhere.

     The view from our campsite was awesome.  we were up on the side of this mountain and we got a good look at the sunset.  i know this may not be a big deal but there was even grass to put your tent on.  In a country that is so dry, this is a really cool thing.